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    "The Missing Soldiers" project is about the consequences of the Turkish invasion in Cyprus in 1974 and how these are still affecting the local people. This project documents the living drama of families of the missing Cypriots since the invasion of 1974. 
    After the war, around 1619 Greek - Cypriot and 83 Turkish - Cypriot people, mostly soldiers, were disappeared. Their families are living a daily drama, not knowing if their children and siblings are dead or alive. They experience this situation every day for 41 years now.
    Many soldiers who were considered missing were found dead, identified by the method of DNA and buried during the last years. Although, there are hundreds of them still missing. Even though a lot of parents buried their children 41 years after their death, their pain of their losses will never get relieved. After 1974 their life has radically changed. 
    By studying the various stages of grief that the relatives of the missing persons are going through I found out that each relative reacts in a different manner. The relatives face different stages of grief because this kind of loss has created suffering without closure.
    This long term project started in 2014 by covering the grief during the funerals of missing persons, who were finally identified as dead, as well as in the houses of the closed relatives of the persons who are still missing.
    The pictures illustrate the tragic side effects of the invasion that continue to affect the locals even 41 years after the war and the project aims to raise awareness to the public to solve the issue of missing persons and bring relief to their families.